Bizofit, a hub of knowledge and support for startups, successfully organized an international webinar on the topic: AI and Machine Learning Applications in Omni-commerce. The webinar was held on 24th September 2019 and had attendance from around the globe. Students, entrepreneurs and businessmen from both the USA and India joined the webinar. 

The webinar was a detailed session on the topic of AI and Machine learning in retail market. The session touched various points surrounding the topic. During the session some key questions like “How do I determine the latest demand?” and “What customer attributes are significant that drive price acceptance?” were answered. This was followed by a detailed session on solutions provided by AI and Machine learning. Crucial features of AI solutions: Product Price Optimization, Competitor Price Discovery and Demand Forecasting were brought up and discussed in detail. The webinar came to an end with an interactive and informational Q and A session. 

The webinar was hosted in association with NextOrbit. NextOrbit is one of the leading service providers in the field of AI and Machine Learning in retail market. With their advanced algorithms, the organization has helped a number of retailers in terms of predicting demands peaks and throughs. Unlike other service providers, NextOrbit has a well maintained and up-to-date Product Master. Their Product Master is well-categorized in terms of country and industry. Moreover, it is updated with new consumption patterns periodically. 

The webinar was hosted by the Founder, President and CEO of Bizofit, Bala Palamadai and was headed by Founder and CEO of NextOrbit, Kishore Rajgopal. With his team, Mr. Rajgopal touched all the major pain-points encircling AI and Machine learning as explained above.

By the end of the event, every attendee had profound knowledge of AI and Machine learning in retail market. The interest and enthusiasm shown by the attendees point towards a promising future of retail market with AI and Machine learning.