The business landscape around the world is being transformed at an unprecedented speed due to digitalization. To keep up with this speed, many corporations are now looking forward to and investing in collaborating with startups bringing about this change. These collaborations benefit both the startup and corporate in the partnership. Moreover, it helps bring out the best in both, providing consumers with higher quality goods and services.

KPMG has contributed a great deal in the scenario of collaborations and helping startups grow. From providing personal consultancy to mentorship, KPMG has helped a number of startups across the world grow. One such recent and major initiative was taken by KPMG Romania in association with Spherik in May 2019.

KPMG Startup Grow Pad program presented an opportunity to rapidly growing startups to get experienced mentors on their team. The four winners of this program, Nifty Learning, iFactor, Jobful and Box2M had a chance to get mentorship from an experienced KPMG expert. From targeting the right customer base to securing funding, KPMG helped these startups at every step. To continue this great initiative, KPMG has announced a 2nd edition of this KPMG Startup Grow Pad program. 

A few areas of interest for a multinational consultancy firm like KPMG would be: 

  • Data Analytics 
  • Accounting 
  • Artificial Intelligence

Data Analytics:

No doubt, consumer data is now more accessible than ever. And at the same time, it is carries more importance than it ever has. Today, with data analytics, companies know their customer’s next step before they even take it. It can provide great insights to upcoming trends and possibilities. Hence, prepare companies before-hand. 

A few of the leading startups in the field of Data Analytics are:

  • Aible: startup founded in October 2018 looks at data in a very different way. Aible provides what they call “real world” artificial intelligence technology which helps analyze data for businesses. Aible’s founder try to identify the 1-in100 deal that would result in a huge win for business with their data analysing software.
  • Lymbyc: Machine Intelligence for Research & Analytics a.k.a. MIRA is a unique expert analytical tool developed by Lymbyc. The tool filters contextual data and suggests necessary actions for converting into data insights. This allows business leaders to structure their business and make practical and optimized decisions.
  • 3LOQ: The startup launched in 2014 is committed to creating agile and effective AI solutions for the BFSI sector. The startup has designed an intelligent and evolving AI platform, known as Habitual AI. The platform is known to deliver data-driven solutions to provide enhanced customer engagement in the financial world.


Gone are the days when we would imagine calculators and chunk of numbers while thinking about accounting. With innovative startups, the industry is undergoing a revolution and transformation. These innovative startups are bringing about a new appeal to one of the world’s oldest professions. Some leading startups in the industry are:

  • inDinero: inDinero has changed the way small businesses look at bookkeeping. Their smart software takes away the hassle of bookkeeping and tax payrolls from entrepreneurs and allows them to take smart and timely decisions for their businesses.
  • Bench: Part match-maker and part software company, Bench pairs businesses with dedicated professionals for bookkeeping. They offer a secure and safe environment to handle all personal accounting needs of any business. Moreover, the startup also offers online tools so that businesses can manage their finances paper free.
  • Wave: The startup is known for their cloud-based software which manages business’ invoicing, accounting, payments and payrolls. The software is easy-to-use and has simple bank integration with many other core features. Moreover, the software also has personal financing features which allows teams to manage their own portfolio.

Artificial Intelligence: 

Today, AI has taken shape of an outstanding phenomenon that strongly affects the way we live our lives and do business. From simple analytics to complex space engineering, AI has brought changes in everything we do. Like our needs, the technology is evolving and ever-changing. But what keeps it progressive are innovative startups in the field. Some of the leading startups in the AI world are:

  • Trifacta: It is a business analytics platform known for creating in-depth reports for all types of industries. Trifacta is known to be a genuine big data giant that has made data processing speedy, intuitive and automated. Founded in 2012, Trifacta has managed to influence the big data industry to a great extent and today has business in over 170 countries.
  • Invoca: The startup utilizes AI to track user interactions to provide their clients with practical insights on customer behaviours. With these crucial numbers in hand, marketers are able to design better campaigns and drive more revenue.
  • Daisy Intelligence: Daisy Intelligence is an AI software-as-a-service company focused on retail industry. Their software turns transaction log (TLOG) data into weekly promotions, pricing and inventory forecasting recommendations. The company is using reinforcement learning which is helping retailers select right product for promotions and advertisements.