Bizofit blog caters to an audience interested in knowing about startups in emerging technologies. It presents an original PoV on wide ranging topics on virtual reality (VR), Big Data, IoT and Fintech. It has wide subscriber base of over 300,000 subscribers who belong to technology world and attracts more than 20K Pageviews, and we are always happy to receive blog articles from our readers and leaders in the emerging technologies.

If you have interest in writing and want to share your PoV with a large audience of startup geeks, growth hackers, entrepreneurs and marketing geniuses, we’d love to hear from you.

Here are few pointers to what kind of content will be appropriate for this blog and how you can submit an article

Everything that we publish follows certain guidelines:

  • The concept should be original and not copied from anywhere else. We will not publish articles which are copied.
  • Article should be in simple to understand language so that readers can understand the key message and idea reflected in the article
  • Proper attribution should be provided for any table or data and reference of the website or article should be explicitly mentioned along with link.
  • You can add only one link for your company or product in the article.

Types of Posts

We do not want an extensive article running into pages. However we expect an article of length 500-1000 words. Here are some of our most successful blog post types:

  • Reports: These posts are longer and will cover a technology in-depth and possibly talk about the growth and market size of the technology. These posts tend to run at 1,500 words and above. Only few reports are published as it requires extensive work and should be provided with reference links and data.
  • PoV articles: These posts are typically covers a domain or a growing market where there are lots of VC investment. It should have compelling storyline, related graphics and good explanation to support your PoV.
  • Short articles: These posts are shorter in nature and may uncover an emerging thought in broad topics such as outsourcing or IT services market. They’re usually targeted towards larger internet readers and are lighter in nature.

We are open to publishing articles that do not fall into these categories. But your post is most likely to be accepted if it falls in one of the categories.

What We Won’t Accept

There are certain articles which we simply can’t accept:

  • If it is published somewhere else on the internet
  • If it is used to add backlinks and drive traffic towards your site.
  • If it is used to primarily talk about a company or a product.
  • If it is inaccurate and offensive in nature for readers.
  • If it is used to complain about a company or product.

How to Submit Your Post

Please register your account on the blog and submit your guest blog. Our team will review the content and publish it once the changes as required by the team are done.

Important Note: Just a reminder that it is research based platform and all the data and statistics should be accurate.

  • Title should be around 50-60 words
  • Body should have 500-1000 words
  • Only 2 outbound links are allowed in the article
  • Bio – Do tell us about yourself

If your article is as per our requirements and matches the content strategy of the blog, we will let you know whether article can be published or not. This process can take up to 1-2 weeks.

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