The current outspread of coronavirus has pushed us all behind the doors. With strict guidelines and lockdown to curb this virus, today offices and businesses remain shut. However, with help of advanced technology, working has not completely stopped. In situations like these what comes handy is a good Online Collaboration Tool. 

What are Online Collaboration Tools?

These are softwares or online platforms that help building a virtual workplace with seamless connectivity and productivity. Online Collaboration Tools allow workers to stay connected virtually from remote locations. Under such circumstances, Online Collaboration Tools can become a valuable tool for any business. It will not only keep teams connected but will also empower them to make the best out of available resources. 

Hence, with a good Online Collaboration Tool, companies and businesses can keep working with efficiency and from the safety of their homes. 

What makes a good Online Collaboration Tool? 

The first and foremost feature of any such tool should be to keep the teams connected seamlessly. This is an important feature of any Online Collaboration Tool, however other features are equally important. 

Any Online Collaboration Tool should have the ability to run effective meetings online and make conference rooms. Other add-ons like marking deadlines and task management become perks of any good collaboration tool. 

What are a few best Online Collaboration Softwares? 

There are a number of collaboration softwares or tools present today. As an employer, you can choose from a pool of such tools. But to make it easier for you, here is a list of top 3 Online collaboration Tools: 


Moxtra began its journey with a fundamental quest: reimagining business collaboration in the age of mobility. Observing people using consumer services for business conversations, our founders were inspired to provide a solution built for business from the ground-up. This led to providing organizations with solutions to build and manage high touch digital channels to their customers, under their own brand, to address the needs of today’s digital age.


grptalk is an audio conferencing app that lets you talk to a group of people from anywhere, and at any time.

Entering PINs, delayed joining times, zero member visibility, and call drops! Traditional conference calling has been blighted by these problems for too long. It took a brave idea, solid planning and a team of dynamic individuals to successfully develop a solution that would simplify conference calling, and solve all the problems of traditional conference calling.


Xait is a global Software Technology Company providing enterprise customers with software for document co-authoring, automation and collaboration.

The company also offers parallel collaboration as well as facilitation of controlled collaboration. As such, XaitPorter is so much more than a writing tool or standard collaboration tool. XaitPorter is a solution that improves and optimizes both processes and documents.

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