Digital Marketing is the channel of delivering brand message by leveraging three basic elements: people, process, and technology. Digital marketing is an agile framework where the consumer has control over what they want to buy and when. However, the way digital platform is used to advertise products or services is changing in a hyperbolic mode. That sounds quite exaggerating! But in reality the advertising market is now adopting the new philosophy: letting the purchaser seek the firm instead of making companies try to convince customers to purchase their product. In the simplest terms, digital marketing world is turning the basic relationship between consumers and marketers inside out.

The Concept

Reverse marketing is a concept wherein customers approach the seller/provider, instead of the contrary. It is like reverse psychology, which means making people to do something without even asking them to do so. The main motive of reverse marketing is to build trust and image to encourage customers to choose your company themselves rather than your competitors. Let’s take one example to comprehend the power of reverse marketing. Usually cosmetic companies sell their products by creating an impression among customers that they can achieve the desired level of beauty by only using their product. Dove company used a different approach altogether in its attraction marketing campaign. Their ad reminded women that ‘they are indeed beautiful’ and should celebrate it.

Reverse Marketing

Key principles of Reverse Marketing

How can companies generate more qualified leads without spending a dime in advertising? Service seekers are the most action-oriented people who can truly drive a company’s sales stats. Reverse marketing is marketing to the right clientele in an indirect way. In order to connect the customers’ needs to the company’s offerings, a business should follow three reverse marketing principles:

  • Find out what’s important for the customers by gathering useful data about customer needs and behavior through your social media campaigns.
  • Give a reason to customers to purchase your service/product by providing the value they are looking for. A business can streamline its execution processes, and upgrade internal capabilities by using practical insights from its digital marketing sources. This will automatically enhance the value of the service.
  • Build trust by offering valuable information to customers free of charge. This will help the company in two ways: establish the company as an authority and increase repeat purchase among loyal customers.

Why Reverse Marketing works?

Reverse marketing is not about using hard sale tactics but psychology rules. Reverse marketing involves no salesmanship. Customers themselves decide which company to choose from for solving their particular issue. In reverse marketing, consumers needing your product come to you and you show them that you are expert enough to help them meet their needs by providing helpful information in solving their problem and about your company.

Bizofit, a marketplace for IT services, is hoping to use Reverse Marketing on its platform to help Enterprise Clients reach Service Providers based on the quality of information, Customer Reviews and in-depth knowledge made available on the Bizofit platform, instead of the other way around. A paradigm shift indeed !