Marketing industry is one sector that never slows down and moves ahead with every passing year. During the year 2016 there were many new marketing mantras like influencer marketing, video etc which emerged as one of the stepping stones of success. In the coming year too, trends will change and one needs to get familiar with them before they are adopted. If you plan in advance and adopt these latest trends, there is no doubt that you will always be ahead of your competitors.


So let us take a quick insight on the do’s and don’ts of the digital marketing trends in 2017.

Do’s of digital marketing 2017

In the year 2017, the digital marketing trends are sure to change with the user engagement being the prime concern. More emphasis will be on the digital customer service which can bring a big revolution in the marketing industry. The experts suggest the following to integrate or focus on for the next digital transformation.

Big data 

The 3 fronts of the big data include data volume, data variety and data velocity. In order to see a boost in the sales, it is crucial to focus on all the 3v’s so as to exploit the resources fully. Email marketing via predictive analytics is yet another aspect which can make a difference on how the data is utilized to reach complete customer satisfaction thus building a strong bond and trust with your customers.

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Marketing automation

 This includes customizing your website with behavioral email marketing and CRM being the key areas. According to the State Of Marketing Automation there is still room of many businesses to improve as automation has been in the top priorities since a long time.

Internet of Things

Since the past years this technology has been influencing the industry and till 2020 it is been estimated that there will be about 75 billion connected devices. So it will be good if the marketers are able to utilize this aspect and transform their marketing strategy.

Expansion of data visualization tools

In the year 2017, the marketers will see the expansion in the data visualization tools that will help in correct interpretation. It is important to understand who the target audience is, what they are buying, how, when and why. All this information can help in better understanding of their behaviour and framing the marketing strategy accordingly.

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Video communication

As customer engagement will be vital this year therefore emphasis will be on increasing the video communication with live video being the need of the hour. Live streaming has gained popularity and with more apps coming into the market it will definitely be a crucial factor to look out for. Kevin Gavin, chief marketing officer of Five9 says that video communication will reach its new height in 2017.

Influencer marketing

Authenticity which is one of the greatest tools of marketing need to be fully utilized with micro influencers rendering their help in achieving the same. According to Perry, Xomad CEO the interest of the brands will now be on higher user engagement and micro influencers will help them to get more customers, sales and ROI.

Think Mobile

Think Mobile
Think Mobile

Mobile advertising will grow by leaps and bounds with the brands relying on it to a large extent to reach their niche. Thus more emphasis will on connecting with the users and getting huge traffic towards your business website and transforming it into leads. Real time ads will be more in demand thus offering better opportunities to the marketers to connect with their audience.

Dense content marketing

The year 2017 will be tough for the content marketing as being unique is what the need of the hour is and it will becoming difficult day by day. With customer viewing so much of content every day that seeking their attention will not be easy and therefore something more will be required to drive their attention. In short you can say that content will have to be world-class and highly interesting if you want your customers to react.

Don’ts of digital marketing 2017

As already discussed above that digital marketing would become a hard affair in the coming time with the brands finding ways to attract and retain their customers. So it will be good if they keep away from these two things to ensure that their marketing shows excellent results.

Don’t spam –

The most essential thing that the marketers need to focus is to keep away from spamming. This is the only way out through which you can maintain your reputation on the top search engines and at the same time make sure the customers show interest in your brand and indulge in sales.

Don’t sell –

In the coming year, though the full focus will be on grabbing the attention of the users but something different has to be done rather than just promoting your brand and asking them to buy. You need to interact with them, get engaged in communication or offer solutions that would pursue them to come to your brand. Direct selling will not be worth the effort as the customers are becoming smarter day by day.

From the above information it is very clear that the brands need to implement the right stuff to keep the audiences engaged. If you wish to get sales then standing apart from the crowd will prove beneficial and for this you need to work on the above trends and incorporate them smartly. Not all the trends need to be integrated but you have to think about the trends that will be more influential for you thereby bringing the desired transformation in your marketing which it was lacking.

So in order to cope with the changing trends of the digital marketing, it will be better if you keep yourself updated and try to modify your marketing strategies in the same manner. Only this will be helpful as you need to find ways to get used to the changes and begin you’re marketing afresh.