In the present scenario, the ways of marketing have changed drastically with the CIO’s and CMO’s depending more on the cloud computing technology. Cloud driven campaign is the need of the hour as elasticity; global presence and high performance are some of its key features. Mere having a campaign is not enough unless you try ways to scale up as per the changing demands of the market. This is the reason that one needs to expertise in this field as scaling and reliability both have to be integrated along with the responsive tools to accomplish the purpose.

In the coming years, the cloud technology has definitely a big market before them with the business owners spending huge amounts on cloud marketing. The latest trends clearly say that cloud computing will capture the market with the IT sector growing at a fast pace.

Cloud marketing 2017 trends


  • Hybrid cloud strategies will become the prime need of the IT field with its implementation being quite easy than before
  • Safety standards will be set for the cloud services with more companies depending on the cloud technology
  • Cloud vendors will offer value added services to the people
  • Application scaling and seamless integration is yet another trend that will be witnessed in 2017
  • Influential cloud analytic solutions will make a huge difference to the IT
  • Cloud service brokerages will come into play thus assisting the clients in choosing the best cloud services
  • More business owners will be adopting the BYOD policy that ensures data security

Affordability of the cloud technology

Cost is surely a big factor to consider for setting up cloud based campaigns. Usually the cost involved is quite high but the marketers can rely on tools like as one of the best sources on the insight of cloud marketing. You can easily create the cost report and integrate growth patterns to get an idea about the forecast usage and its impact on the overall cost.

Future prospects of cloud marketing

The market of cloud technologies is growing day by day and according to Gartner it is estimated to reach around $204 billion this year. Till the year 2020, this number is expected to reach about $1 trillion or even more than that.

Sid Nag who is the research director of Gartner says that the higher growth in this field is a clear sign that the cloud based services have become the first priority of the big companies.

Even Ed Anderson who is the Vice President of Gartner holds a similar view that notable increase in the IT spending will result in new generation start-ups.

The companies are not only indulging in setting up fresh architecture but modifying their operating philosophy so as to make a difference to the digital business. Anderson says that cloud technology not only boosts the competition but offer cost optimization too.

Thus in the coming years, cloud based technologies will move towards being developer driven rather than developer friendly.

So prepare yourself and get ready as the cloud computing will hit like a storm.